bighitrox asked:

Hey~ i read a lot of posts about passing auditions at JYP. That they will pay the flight and so on. What else will they pay? :o Will they give me a place to live? Or do I have to stay in a hotel? (I want to audition ;P ) And another question.. Do you know about auditions of BigHit Entertainment? ^^ / I'll say already thanks for answering <3

JYP Ent will provide you a place to stay with the rest of the trainees in a dorm only if you pass all the rounds of the audition. If you’re a trainee you won’t need to stay in a hotel.

Once you pass the audition, they will pay for your flight to Korea, and they will also allow you to return home once per year (summer/winter break) and they will pay for your flight then too. Aside from that, you get food coupons to eat from the canteen located inside the training building. If you want to buy clothes, eat out etc, you’ll have to pay by yourself.

I’m not that sure of what the procedure is like for Big Hit, but I believe that the auditioning and housing part is similar. Some companies may give each trainee an amount of money per month for them to pay for whatever they want (or they’ll just do the couponing thing like JYP). I think it’s around 200 000 won per month, which is about 200USD (which is very little if you’re trying to survive in Seoul tbh).

You’re welcome, and if you’re auditioning- all the best!

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Hi I'm just wondering if you know if 6mix is debuting anytime soon? And if they already confirmed the lineup? I heard that Cecilia quit training at JYP. Thanks in advance! ^^

I heard that they may debut some time in September/October and they were recently featured in some fashion show? I don’t think there were 6 members present. That’s all I know because I don’t really keep track of them, sorry!

[Fanaccount] 6mix, 5live, 15& + photo

#jypshowcase#本来以为只有6six没想到还有5live最后还有15&!!I can’t hide 看着走过来的吾里智敏妹子啊,还有朴再兴快出道啊!!不让拍照image最后我把票投给了5live,6six不在,应该是九十月份出道。

#jypshowcase# Thought that there will only be 6mix in the beginning, didn’t think that there’s also 5live and 15& at the end!! I can’t hide, looking at our Jimin dongsaeng who walked over, and Park Jaehyung please debut soon!! They didn’t allow photos :( gave my vote to 5live at the end, 6mix wasn’t there, should be debuting in September/October.

Trans: fybriankang | Source: 阿果酱早安
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JYP Trainees Summer Showcase Fan Account

#5live##朴再兴##等待5live出道#今晚一共唱了两首歌都是自作曲。再兴今晚也是很开心很嗨…永贤今晚穿的很可爱带的帽子是那种黑色类似礼帽的那种…再兴今晚白色t shirt加破洞牛仔裤帅爆了![花心]其他成员也是很帅很开心…俊赫和忙内的家人来了…神经结束后没看到[悲伤][悲伤]

#5Live# #ParkJaehyung# #Waitingfor5livetodebut# Sang 2 songs tonight, both are self-composed. Jaehyung looked really happy and really high tonight… Younghyun (Brian) was dressed really adorable with a formal looking black hat…Jaehyung wore a white tshirt with ripped jeans super handsome! [花心]Other members were also handsome and happy…Junhyuk and maknae’s family came… Lose my mind didn’t see anything after the ending [悲伤][悲伤]

Trans: @fybriankang | source: 朴再兴中文首站Sunshine_JaePark
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Hi! (OwO) I remember a video (from your YT or Terry's) where Brian cock blocks one of the members by sitting on his lap. I was just wondering if you knew which video that was? Thank you in advance! (>w<)

Hello ^^ It’s around the 4:52 mark on 3DTV Episode 2 here.

You’re welcome.

mjk89 asked:

hey do u have some news/photos of Paul Ahn ?

FYBK currently only focuses on Brian/5Live, so no.

Maybe we’ll upload some photos if we find them, but not right now. Hope you understand~