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I was asking who are Brian's friends, that the anon before me was referring to. the goodlooking friends? cause I've been looking around and I couldnt really find anything about Brian

You can go to Terry He’s instagram (@t_heezy) to look through the pictures! He usually tags his friends too (but I don’t think it’ll be very good for me to post here but feel free to go look at them yourself!) and most of their accounts are public.

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I'd like to know what are his friend's instagrams that the anon was looking through~ I'm interested too! XP

I’m sorry but I’m not quite sure what you’re asking for ;~~~~; Is it Brian?

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I just did a little research and went looking through brian kangs friends, through their instagrams etc, and their all very good looking. The girls are all either very cute or very pretty! I hope he doesn't get in trouble for the pictures being uploaded though, or I hope reporters won't use them against him in his near future!

Yes they are, aren’t they? Kkk I hope he won’t, but then he wasn’t the one posting the photos and they were photos with his friends so I hope it won’t be a problem for him in the future! Then again, none of the photos were in any way inappropriate so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Fingers crossed!

[INSTAGRAM] 20140401/02 - Terry just got off the phone with Brian and 3rd Degree/ KMESS is coming back with their new single “Fly 2.0”.

(This is a joke but unseen photos of Brian Kang and KMESS! n___n Happy April Fools)

[INSTAGRAM] JYP trainee GOT7’s Yugyeom (left) and international trainee. Early 2013.
Please do not reupload/distribute/disclose information about the other trainee.

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How do you know things about JYP trainees?

Lovely people who inform us of things, sometimes we find things ourselves etc

Most information about trainees other than Brian are from a lovely person who DMed us on weibo (she specified not to reveal who she is) and information on Brian (eg. when he went to Canada and who he’s with, when he left Canda) are provided by the admin for Terry He’s (global) fansite.

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Is Paul really leaving Korea and JYPE for good? Is his IG ahnpaulol real?

Please refer to past answered posts before asking questions~

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hey I was wondering if the admin for tumblr and ask fm is the same? bcuz I laughed so hard at your profile description on askfm :D please don't stop being funny fighting!

You mean this?

Yes, same admin because we really lack admins (IF ANYONE WANTS TO BE AN ADMIN/TRANSLATOR FEEL FREE TO SPAM US ANYWHERE) and it was written like that because I had no idea what to write T_____T I’ll get to changing it soon. Probably.

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so when's the dateline for the messagebook?

As of the moment, there has been no deadline decided (despite it being written on the original post but that was before it started seeming as if 5Live will never see daylight again e u e) so feel free to send in your messages to any of fybriankang’s social media!