Anonymous asked:

Hi! (OwO) I remember a video (from your YT or Terry's) where Brian cock blocks one of the members by sitting on his lap. I was just wondering if you knew which video that was? Thank you in advance! (>w<)

Hello ^^ It’s around the 4:52 mark on 3DTV Episode 2 here.

You’re welcome.

mjk89 asked:

hey do u have some news/photos of Paul Ahn ?

FYBK currently only focuses on Brian/5Live, so no.

Maybe we’ll upload some photos if we find them, but not right now. Hope you understand~

Anonymous asked:

Hello, I just heard that Jaehyung will not debut with 5LIVE. T___T Can you ask anyone you know, to make sure about this? Thanks.


Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I had to wait for those people I asked to get back to me lol.

I asked around the admins for Jaehyung/5Live’s Chinese fanbases and all of them were really shocked/surprised by the question so I can’t give you a definite answer.

Admin highly doubt so though, but who knows what goes on in JYP.

[NEWS] Groups that are rumored to debut in 2014

trans cr: fybriankang

[instiz] The following are the groups that are supposedly debuting in 2014 from various companies.
1. YG Girl Group
2. SM Girl Group
3. JYP Girl Group (6mix)
4. JYP Boy Band (5Live)
5. C.TWO Boy Group debuted on Dream Concert stage (t/n: I think they meant Lu:kus?)
6. FNC Boy Group
7. CUBE Girl Group
8. Woollim Girl Group
9. Ynb Boy Group
10. Starship Girl Group
11. fantagio Boy Group
12. TS Girl Group
13. J.TUNE CAMP Boy Group with 7 members
14. pledis Boy Group with 17 members (Seventeen)
15. Sourcemusic Girl Group








iscreamedroseeyy asked:

When Brian was still in his previous band, 3rd Degree, where did he perform?

He performed a few live songs (mostly their Big Bang covers) in Toronto. Other times they’re performing on YouTube~

Anonymous asked:

hey again. you answered my question about the audition from germany haha thanks for that.. what could i do? which song.. what do you think will be the best? :)) i love to get some help haha~ :3

I’m not an expert in this so the things I say may not be right, please keep that in mind ^^

I guess if you’re going to sing, find a song that shows off your vocals in the very beginning, or you can begin recording near the climax of the song? Basically online auditions differ from actual auditions at the training center because you don’t get a chance to convince the judges if your beginning wasn’t good, so it’s really possible that they’ll skip over your audition tape if the first few (like, 10) seconds didn’t “wow” them. (For actual auditions on alternate weekends at the training center, you get at least 30 - 45 seconds before they stop you if you’re not good enough lol. If they don’t stop you then you get up to almost 2 minutes)

I can’t advise you on specific song choices, but in face-to-face auditions they usually ask you to sing a song without background music and a mic, so I guess ballad songs will be the best, but if you’re partial to other genres then go ahead. There’s no limit to your selection :) The language of the song doesn’t matter ^^

Remember to introduce yourself before you sing! Say something that will set yourself apart but not in a bad way? (I’m pretty sure JYP looks out for personality too heh)

Anonymous asked:

where you get all the information from? :o

Hello~ this question has been sort of answered here before, but in addition to that, we (used to) run on 78% luck as well. Also if I have any ridiculously persisting questions, I will send a message to the admin of Terry He’s global fanclub and she asks Terry for me lol.

Anonymous asked:

do you know if it's possible to do an online-audition from germany? and.. what should i do, so they would want me? haha~

I believe that online auditions can be from any country! From the wise words of ex JYP trainee(s), if you want to catch their attention, you have to do something amazing in the first few seconds of the video, as the judges may not have time to watch the whole video due to the large amount of audition videos they have to go through.

Keep in mind that as of the beginning of 2014, only 2 of the 20 to 30+ trainees in JYP got in through online audition (I think Brian was one of them ^^)

All the best!!!